Our offer includes a motley selection of various metallurgical products of the highest quality class. We deal with various types of steel sheets, wrought and rolled steels, castings, machines and technical equipment, industrial knives, saws, cylinders, and valves. Our offer includes a wire program and the Exem Steel, which increases the speed of processing the steel and prolongs the useful life of machining tools.


Our customers can select from various types of steel sheets:

Stainless steel sheet:

  • austenitic
  • ferrite
  • martensitic


  • cold rolled, finally calcined
  • cold rolled, unalloyed, semi-finished
  • cold rolled, alloyed, semi-finished

Special steels:

  • alloyed
  • unalloyed

Structural steels:

  • unalloyed structural steels
  • wear resistant steels
  • weldable, fine-grained steels


Our assortment of wrought and rolled steels includes:

  • tool steels,
    • tool steels for cold work,
    • tool steels for hot work,
  • tool steels to reshape the plastics,
  • high-speed steels,
  • special steels,
  • structural steels,
    • alloyed structural steels,
    • unalloyed structural steels.

Methods of heat treatment: hardening, annealing, hardening and relaxation,
normalization Rolled products: billets, rods – round, flat
Wrought products: rods, cylinders, discs, rings, forgings


rods, cylinders, discs, rings, forgings

Steel castings

  • Alloyed and unalloyed steel castings up to 15,000 kg
  • Thermally processed or unprocessed steel castings
  • The production of wooden or metal models

Use: in the shipbuilding, in the construction of machines, for rolling tubes
Our castings are produced in the process of croning.

Iron castings

  • Tools for cold work
  • Cast molds of metal or non-metal
  • Pistons and cylinders for presses
  • Casings of water turbines and pumps
  • Valves and flaps of liquid media
  • Housings, tables, palettes, and corners for the working machines
  • Castings of redactors and machines, flywheels, and sprockets
  • Stainless parts for the food industry
  • Slag and various castings for metallurgy

The quality of castings

Nodular, grey, nodular and grey alloys in castings, stainless nodular (Ni-resistant) castings, highly chained castings (hard forged)


Nodular, grey, nodular and grey alloys in castings, stainless nodular (Ni-resistant) castings, highly chained castings (hard forged)

  • mechanic presses to reshape the sheet metal, hot and cold forging, pressing powder materials,
  • machines and devices for metallurgic, automotive, and metal industry,
  • tools for plastic injection molding,
  • production, assembly, and transport lines,
  • machine components: hydraulic cylinders, shafts, sprockets, Cardan joints, treadmills…
  • tools for reshaping metals, pressure casting, the production of plastics, rubber…
  • pneumatic and hydraulic hammers,
  • springs: leaf, parabolic, and torsion, stabilizers for vehicles.

We also develop new custom-made products and technologies for the metal industry.


A set of industrial knives and saws which we offer includes:

  • knives for the metal processing industry,
  • knives for the wood industry,
  • knives for paper and graphics industry,
  • knives for the plastics industry,
  • knives for the rubber industry,
  • knives for leather and chemical industry,
  • knives for brickworks and machines in construction,
  • the segment saw blades for hot and cold cutting,
  • friction saws for hot and cold cutting,
  • bending tools


A broad set of industrial cylinders is also available:

  • cylinders for cold rolling
  • sendzimir cylinders
  • support cylinders
  • tempering working cylinders

Casted cylinders:

  • cylinders  for rolling wire and rods
  • cylinders  for hot rolling of strips
  • universal s. cylinders
  • tubular cylinders

The use: metallurgy, rubber, plastics, seals, paper, cardboard, grain mills, mills for chemistry, construction materials


Our set of valves for the industry includes:

  • ball valves
  • flap valves
  • oblique valves
  • cocks valves
  • flat valves
  • non-return valves
  • control valves
  • coupling elements

Construction material:
steel casting, stainless steel, forgings, steel sheets, alloyed steel, nodular graphite steel casting

Quality of the valves:
alloyed, unalloyed, resistant to wear, stainless, duplex cast steel


Our wire program includes various types of wires and welding materials.


  • drawn steel wire
  • galvanized steel wire
  • zincified steel wire
  • carbon steel wire
  • spring steel wire
  • special wire

Welding materials:

  • welding electrodes
  • welding powder
  • welding wire